Come and visit one of America’s most authentic and Best Indian Food in Reynoldsburg and the surrounding area. Awadh, once a princely state, is among the most ancient of Hindu regions. The enchanting history of this land of the Nawabs, kings known for their refined and extravagant lifestyles, is recognized through the richness of its cuisine. Here at Awadh India Restaurant, we bring you these bold flavors that balance elements of spice, intensity and acidity.

Chef/Owner Anand Kumar grew up in the region of Lucknow in the Awadh region, the historical legacy and the vibrancy of Awadhi cuisine changed the course of his life forever. He mastered “Dum Pukht,” the art of cooking over a slow fire, from the culinary masters of the region. The technique, some 200 years old, involves cooking in a sealed heavy bottomed pot or “handi” over a very low flame, which allows meats to cook in their own juices. Having over 20 years’ experience in providing authentic Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine, Chef Kumar provides the most delectable Indian dinners fit for princes and princesses. For 10 years, he learned from the great Chefs of India studying and absorbing as much as he could. In 1997 he graduated from the culinary school in specializing in Indian and Indo-Chinese Cuisine.

Moving to the United States, he worked with some of the most experienced Indo-Chinese chefs but found that no restaurant focused on traditional Awadhi cuisine.  Creating a restaurant serving authentic Awadhi food became his passion.

The attention to detail and use of a handful of uncommon spices is what earned Awadhi food its reputation. A traditional Awadhi spread includes complex elaborately prepared kebabs, kormas, biryanis and breads, unique to the region.  Chef Anand became one of the few to learn and master the secret of the Galouti kebab that balances an array of ingredients and melts in your mouth.

Awadh India Restaurant is his flagship restaurant, a showcase for a storied region’s cooking and the realization of a dream to be among the forefront of Indian restaurateurs in America.

With Awadh India Restaurant, we present a culmination of culinary finesse of the finest food from India’s sacred and historic land.  We hope to create experiences and memories through flavors as you explore meats, vegetables, seafood, kebabs, curries and breads that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Being a service-oriented Chef, I absolutely love meeting and getting to know you. Stop in and visit, relax, eat and enjoy.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

"This is an amazing new Indian restaurant that opened up in our neighborhood. Food was fantastic, especially the galouti kebab and chili chicken. The chef came out and spoke to us, and suggested we try the special goat biriyani. The goat meat in this preparation was so tender! Very nice service, huge portions and great value! If you like flavorful food, made with heart and soul, go visit this place!"

Chiranjit Mukherjee

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

"The red spicy cilantro sprinkled "Chicken 65" (Not on the Menu) by special order was amazing. The Butter Naan and other breads were great. This place is a new find I will be going back to. The owner and staff are flexible and will have you leave satisfied."

Babak Darvish

“Another delicious experience”

"WOW! Stopped in for the lunch. The Tandoori Chicken is moist and has the perfect smoked taste. You will not find a more flavorful and fresh buttery NAAN. Sauces are absolutely delicious. And all for $7.99, drink included with the perfect dessert. I normally don't review this highly. Awadh India Restaurant is well worth your visit and return."

Timothy Kojoma


"This is by far the best authentic indian bistro I have ever been to in Columbus, Ohio. Let me put it this way, food is delectable, big portion at reasonable price, no compromise whatsoever.
No compromise in essential ingredients it take to prepare entrees on their menu, and that is what I meant by authentic food.  Not to mention, very attentive staff. Kudos to the chef and the staff."

Dipu M.

Hours of Operation

11:30am - 3:00pm
5:00pm – 10:00pm



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